Founded in 2003, The Chabad Russian Center set out to create a home for Jewish Russian families in South Florida. Uniting the community from various corners of the region, via familiar language, customs and traditions, we have steadily grown to a database of over 3,000. In 2007, we opened The Gan, a boutique Early Childhood Center, a welcoming environment for those who wished to provide a Jewish education for their children in a warm and non judgemental space. In the fall of 2022, we will open the doors to our new JCCSIB campus. The brand new, waterfront facility will serve as the nucleus for our community needs including The Gan Frida SIB campus and Tamim Academy of Miami. We are proud of the diverse community, warm atmosphere and family environment, where everyone who enters feels at home.

Mission Statement

Every child that walks through our doors, is filled with endless talents and qualities, abilities and capabilities that Gd has given us the honorable responsibility of seeking out. Our job here is to meet each child where they are at, and help them grow, develop and recognize their gifts. Using conscious and mindful practices as a guide, we hope to instill and inspire our School Family with our Torah values of strong community, fine character, proud Jewish identity and leadership skills.

“Providing a place for our young children to grow and thrive, ensures that tomorrow’s leaders
are cultivated in a warm and joyful environment where they cherish their Jewish roots and souls”.
Rabbi Alex Kaller, Executive Director, Chabad Russian Center
“Every person is created in the Image of Gd. Thus at Tamim we believe that each one is capable and competent of reaching their full potential.
We are honored to help pave the way for their individual and unique paths.”
Mrs. Chanie Kaller, Head of School